WILDPATH - Disclosure - CD Digipack 14.00 € (#8505)

WILDPATH - Disclosure
CD Digipack 11 tracks (Gothic Metal / France - Paris) 2015
01. Concealed 3’17
02. Outcast 5’36
03. Ignited 4’18
04. Ex Cinere 5’18
05. Petrichor 4’58
06. Confined 5’29
07. Delusion 4’12
08. Unborn 5’11
09. Hollow 5’13
10. Absentia 5’16
11. Disclosure 5’43
When the Rock stands up to the most epic movie soundtracks ...
Wildpath born in 2001. Their first album, Nyx Secrets, released in Japan (staygold) in 2006. He entered the Top 50 HMV stores and ranks within 5 Metal revelations of the year.
It was followed in 2009 by Non Omnis Moriar and in 2011 Underneath, double album including a fully orchestral CDs (Brennus / staygold).
Strong public support and chronic in France and abroad, Wildpath continuous from his way and returned in 2014 with his new album, Disclosure, again determined to combine Rock, Metal, Electro, Folk and Symphonic in order constant harmony and energy.
Always surprising, leaving the listener with the task of discovering what lies beneath every note of music, Gliding, change course as far as tempo: Wildpath invitation to travel, a journey in which each step and every turn of a tortuous path that also contains wild a lot of surprises and revelations.

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