SQUARE - Rock Stars - CD+DVD 16.00 € (#3208)

SQUARE - Rock Stars
CD 12 tracks including 4 bonus + DVD Bonus 9 tracks (Hard & Heavy / France) 1985 - reissue 2008
01. Les Cibles
02. Vivre
03. Destination : Oubli
04. Rock Stars
05. Apocalypse
06. Chasseur de Primes
07. La Bête
08. Chanson pour Toi
09. Vierge ou Sorcière (Bonus 1982)
10. Crazy Trucker (Bonus1986)
11. Hibernatus (Bonus 1986)
12. Révoltés (Bonus 1987)
DVD Bonus
01. Les Cibles
02. Apocalypse
03. Chasseur de Primes
04. Destination : Oubli
05. Rock Stars
06. Vierge ou Sorcière
07. Vivre
08. Rappel
09. La Bête
SQUARE was founded in the early eighties in the parisian suburbs.
As their live performance were very succesful, they had no problem in finding a label to release their first album thanks to Studio WW and to a Parisian label called Devil's Records.
Even if their name sounds English, SQUARE plays a melodic hard-rock music sung in French.
Their influences are rooted in American Heavy and German Metal even if Iron Maiden and NWBOH had left a few influeces!
Guy Hoc's voice is very powerful and delightful and has put its imprint on French 80s Metal scene.
The two guitar-players, who were constantly part of the line-up, build complex and intricate melodies powered by an excellent rythmic section.
As we discovered when we reissued this album that another band had used this name of SQUARE, we chose to re-name the band STILL SQUARE.
We have also added four CD bonus unreleased tracks, to the eight tracks from the LP

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