Renaud HANTSON - Rock Star (L'Opéra Rock) - 2CD Digipack 18.00 € (#9202)

Renaud HANTSON - Rock Star (L'Opéra Rock)
2CD Digipack 16 & 15 tracks (Pop / France - Paris) 2017
01. Introduction            1’24
02. Je Serai une Rock Star        3’44
03. Insomnie                3’52
04. Je Suis Ta Mère            2’43
05. Flash TV 1                0’59
06. Manager                4’06
07. La Chanson du Guitariste        3’43
08. Flash TV 2                0’59
09. On N’oublie Pas            2’59
10. Les Fantomes du Passé         3’35
11. Revoir la Lumiere            1’48
12. Puisque C’est Ainsi            3’49
13. Flash TV 3                0’59
14. Si Je T’attends            3’25
15. Rever au Delà            3’19
16. Liaison 1                1’13
01. La Chanson Reste la Même        4’03
02. Il Ne Me Voit Pas            2’14
03. Vivre Vite                 3’07
04. Être Seul                3’41
05. Flash TV 4                0’59
06. Dealer (Docteur Vices)        3’46
07. Liaison 2                1’21
08. Le Ciel ou L’enfer            4’43
09. Le Singe sur Mon Epaule         3’25
10. Puisque C’est Ainsi (Reprise)    0’57
11. Euphorie                4’35
12. Liaison 3                1’14
13. Seulement Humain            3’42
14. Ma Redemption            3’30
15. Poudre aux Yeux            3’14
Because human beings all have a personal way of escaping reality, Rock Star leads us to better understand what an artist's doubts, weaknesses, passion and loneliness are. Franck is an idol who is preparing his return on stage after "exploding in full flight". Throughout his journey, we discover that some adolescent dreams are sometimes realized but that in the back of a setting, which one should never know, it is easy to lose one's soul.
Under the flashes of the paparazzi, Franck tries to reconstruct his existence, between the disillusionment of admitting that it is not always the best ones who win, the pain of having lost a love that he believed to be eternal and the confusion to understand that to live Of his passion is not an end in itself.
Reality TV, promoted as a new cult of youth that wants everything right away, cradles fantasies about the star system, making us forget that certain voyeuristic media are above all the formidable grinding machines of the purest and the least solid of those whom they select. "Rock Star" is thus a preventive work reminding that one is never stronger than what can become an addiction and that there is no salvation in the forward flight.
If one could expect a sulphurous story, shocking scenes and aggressive songs evoking excesses of all kinds, "Rock Star" is above all a metaphor of the life, love and death conveyed by Lyrics, and pop songs.
The double album proposes about thirty songs through an original creation whose subject could have been tendentious if it had been declined in the first degree. Renaud Hantson, who had already lent his voice to three immense French-language comedies (Starmania, La Legende de Jimmy, Notre Dame de Paris), was considered by Michel Berger to be "the best singer of His generation ".

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