NATCHEZ - 20 Years Later - DVD 16.00 € (#3623)

NATCHEZ - 20 Years Later
DVD 16 tracks + various bonus - zone "2” - 150 min (Southern Rock / France - Champagne) 2008
01. Tais-toi
02. Coude sur le Bar
03. Street Fightin’ Man
04. Bacchus Te Protège
05. Have a Good Time
06. Faudrait Que Je t’Appelle
07. Chaman
08. Canicule Boogie
09. Rentrer à la Maison
10. Trop Tard
11. Limousine
12. We’re Gone
13. Bad Boy
14. Pas Facile
15. Railroad man
16. Paradis avec Toi

+ several bonus
On the Road
Interview fans
Videoclip : Street Fightin’ Man

This first NATCHEZ’ DVD retranscribes the huge concert which they gave some months ago to celebrate the 20 years of existence of the group.
After 9 records released in French, NATCHEZ celebrate their 20 years and decide to record a album in English, first to have fun, but also to enlarge their favourite ground, the stage.
After 800 concerts given all over France, Belgium and French Switzerland, NATCHEZ hope thanks to that album to play still unknown nevertheless fond of that seventies-like rock style : Germany, the Netherlands and why not England.
It is on the initiative of the brothers, guitarist-singers, Thierry and Emmanuel Aeschbach, that NATCHEZ was born in April 1987.
Impassioned by the Rock of years 60/70 called Classic Rock more commonly and very influenced by the vein Southern Rock, they melt the group to play the music of their idols. Already 19 years that the gang its riffs in France and countries bordering sows a little everywhere!
NATCHEZ then takes again standards of the Rock'n'roll of legendary groups such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Creedence, Led zeppelin or another AC/DC, but composes already its own songs.
Since 1995, 10 CD of which 7 albums studio were produced. Their compositions in French always remained faithful to the Rock 70' S and Southern Rock. Always carried out by Thierry, very influenced by the late singer Ronnie Van Zant and in love with the famous guitars Gibson and Fender and the sound of an old good lamp amplifier and Manu which gets busy to recall the magic of the solos of the Seventies, the Les Paul Special or his Telecaster in the hand, the group already play more than 700 concerts! NATCHEZ played in company of Molly Hatchet, Popa Chubby, Stocks, Little Bob, etc...
Joined since 1992 by Dédé Dufour (bass), in love with the its vintage and follower with Music Man and Fender bass, and since 1998 per Ben PROY (drums), NATCHEZ, with its high longevity and a provided discography has from now its place in the forefront of the French Classic Rock & Southern Rock main scene.

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