High Voltage - If you wanna rock s'n roll 14.00 € (#345)

Formed by five musicians who played in various bands from Verviers, HIGH VOLTAGE burns the stages of belgian clubs since September 92' and got there his fame.
They only play AC/DC hits.
The lead guitar's virtuosity can't be closer to the one of Angus YOUNG and the singer is an amazing mixture of Bon SCOTT and Brian Johnson.
On the other hand, the rhythm section is the clone of the original trio.
In June 93', HIGH VOLTAGE plays headline at the "Fêtes de la Musique" in Engis (audience : 1.500 people).
In 94', they steal the show from TEX at the Motorcycles 24H of Francorchamps.
In 95', they open for Glenn Hughes and Mercyful FaTe at the Via Rock Festival for Girlschool and Such a Noise and plays headline in various festivals.
In 96' and 97', HIGH VOLTAGE keeps on touring, plays headline at the TNT Show in Chimay and also abroad.
Early 98', HIGH VOLTAGE signs with Big Sky Music for a live album. It will be a tribute to Bon Scott and will be recorded during their show at the Spirit of 66 on the 22d March 1998.
The "If You Wanna Rock'n'Roll" album is released in September 98' and the band promotes it since then through Belgium.
In november 98 they sign with BRENNUS for all the world except BENELUX.

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