FOURTH CIRCLE - Lifetimes 12.00 € (#8701)

CD 10 tracks (Symphonic Metal / France - Hayange) 2013 - reissue 2015
01. Opening    5’39
02. Past Isn’t Everything    4’45
03. The Beginning    5’37
04. Neverending Madness    4’41
05. Eternal Stream    5’03
06. Wild as I Am    4’41
07. Path To Eternity    6’16
08. One Blink    5’14
09. Shopping the Time    3’54
10. Breathing Again    4’14
"...I saw multitudes to every side of me ; their howls were loud while, wheeling weights, they used their chests to push. They struck against each other ; at that point, each turned around and, wheeling back those weights, cried out :-Why do you hoard ? Why do you squander ?"
Inferno, Canto VII – « Fourth Circle »

...the name of 4th Circle was chosen.
Some dissensions in our previous bands (different desires and goals) led us to redefine ourselves and to not let our creations untapped or offered without being fulfilled.
At the beginning in 2011, four members : Audrey (vocals – inspired by Stream of Passion, Evanescence, Within Temptation), Olivier (keyboard – inspired by Ayreon, Delain, Within Temptation), Éric (guitar – inspirared by Entombed, Satyricon, ADX), Henri (bass – inspired by Entombed, Septic Flesh, Moonspell). Their paths are different, but they are driven by a same ambition : pooling their respective influences, creativity, and offer the result to the greatest number.
Some time later, Julien (Drums – inspired by Metallica, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden), will bring his energy and his game to the compositions. He will soon be joined by Maxime (guitar – inspired by Nightwish, Delain, Xandria) whose riffs will participate in the enrichment of the music.
With our experience, and pulling our originality in our differences, we develop a « Metal » style in which the vocals and keyboards add a symphonic touch.
Our current objectives : gain notoriety on a national level by using all possible media: live shows, studio recordings, filming of video clips, communication via social networks, etc.

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