BEL O KAN - Birth of a Queen 14.00 € (#5248)

BEL O KAN - Birth of a Queen
CD 12 tracks (Melodic Heavy Metal / France) 2009

01. Birth of a Queen 1’27
02. Children Call. 5’02
03. Dark and Light 5’52
04. Utopia 6’12
05. Six Men 6’06
06. Too Late 6’48
07. Runaway 3’58
08. Ten Thousand Milliard 5’22
09. Salem 6’27
10. Blowing the Wind 3’49
11. Fire on Ice 5’30
12. Too Late Version Piano 5’31

Founded in 2001, BEL O KAN began a series of concerts before recording his first attempt in 2003 with Ant Symphonia. Following this disc is a period of instability in the line up, nonetheless punctuated by numerous concerts for the band to gain experience and get known.
In 2006, with a team finally stable and growing demand from fans, the band recorded its second demo: Walkyria. Well received by critics, this better produced and more mature disc allows the band to widen its audience and get to a higher level. Getting sales more than respectable for a self-produced disc, BEL O KAN went on giving more and more concerts and made certain adjustments to the line-up, giving his music a new dimension by adding a keyboard and a second voice.
The musicians then agree on the realization of their first album: Birth of a Queen.
Experience and hard work enable the band to offer an album both diversified and homogeneous. Combining symphonic influences to the power and energy of metal riffs, alternating Celtic moods and melancholic melodies, giving the disc its uniqueness.

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