Yann LEM - Entre Blues et Granit 13.00 € (#7004)

Yann LEM - Entre Blues et Granit
CD 15 tracks (Blues / Bretagne - France) 2011

01. Dobro Blues 3’49
02. Un Blues sur la 12 3’51
03. Conseil d’Ivrogne 3’10
04. Pas Encore Mort 4’36
05. Vagabond en Sursis 4’06
06. Baba Boogie 4’22
07. Hey Jo 6’02
08. Comptoir Blues 4’16
09. Riopelle Blues 4’10
10. Totale Pollution 3’52
11. Ar Korriganed Blues 4’44
12. Blues Déprime 6’46
13. Pas Encore Mort (version radio) 3’56
14. Ar Korriganed Blues (version radio) 3’30
15. Dernières Notes de Magie 3’20

YANN LEM likes to introduce himself as the Breton bard of blues, a person who enjoys the good things in life, likes a good laugh and doesn't get too worried about things... From Saturday night dances to festivals, Yann Lem soon made a name for himself, first locally then nationally, thanks to several records such as "Camille", "Solitaire des mers" (a single that became the signature song in the official video of the Vendée Globe) in 1998, and "Totale Pollution" (following the sinking of the Erika), in 2000.
In 2008, thanks to the City of Dreux, the "TRIBUTE TO BILL DERAIME" was created. In 2010, Yann and his musicians spent studio time recording the album "ENTRE BLUES ET GRANIT", which was received by the media beyond his expectations since it gave rise to a number of articles in the regional press (in Brittany and Normandy) and was awarded several prizes, including:
> the "BOURSE PARIS-MOVE Blues sung in french" at the "Tremplin 2010 Blues sur Seine", and was consequently featured on the "Trophées 2010 Blues sur Seine" CD.
> the "Best CD 2010 blues in french" awarded by the members of La Chaîne du Blues, in partnership with Zicazic and Paris-Move.
> Yann Lem was placed 2nd in the referendum for the "2010 best album blues" by the listeners of Marc Loison's radio show "Sweet Home Chicago" (Radio 666).

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