Mike LECUYER - De Montparnasse à Montréal 13.00 € (#6238)

Mike LECUYER & Les BOUILLEURS de BLUES - De Montparnasse à Montréal
CD 14 tracks (Blues / France) 2010

“Face A” : De Montparnasse... (enregistrée en France)
01. Contribution Blues 4’07
02. C’est Pas Moi Qui 4’08
03. Mister J.J. Cale 4’39
04. Augmentation Blues 4’40
05. Pas Bien Blues 7’38
06. Oncle Paul 3’36
07. Blues, Blues sur Seine 5’55
“Face B” : ...à Montréal (enregistrée au Québec)
08. Pas de Nom 3’57
09. Tout Tout Va Bien 4’34
10. Montparnasse-Montréal 4’29
11. Le Blues de Bo Diddley 3’48
12. Lundi Matin Blues 6’49
13. Le Blues de Lécuyer 3’54
14. Tout Tout Va Bien Part.2 3’34

Born in 1949, Mike Lécuyer started playing music in the 60’s with groups at secondary school (Lycée Lavoisier in Paris) then, in the early 70’s, he created music magazines and a freelance journalist for a few other specialized publications.
Mike signed an artist contract with Crypto-RCA (1976-1978), then with Phonogram in 1979 (for 3 vinyls produced by Christian Décamps of the ANGE band ; one of Mike’s titles, “Gare du Nord à 7 Plombes du Mat’ Blues”, earned him the distinction of “Most Promising Singer of Summer 1978” awarded by RTL, the most popular French radio station). Mike counted among his musicians Mauro Serri (guitarist for Bill Deraime), Lionel Raynal (“The Reverend”) and Bernard Zuang (composer and guitarist).
Change of course in the 1980’s-90’s: Mike became a layout artist then a multimedia manager.
At an age where many go into retirement, he thought it was about time to come out of his “musical hibernation”! The opportunity was given to Mike in 2008 by the Blues-sur-Seine Festival, who ordered a song from him, then by Brennus Music, who offered to publish a compilation of his old recordings This compilation CD, “19 777 789”, was well received in the specialized media in 2008, which gave Mike the opportunity to perform in public in France and in Quebec...
As a result of meeting up on a regular basis with one of his former musicians in Montreal, Mike conceived of the project of a real new record... The “De Montparnasse à Montréal” CD features two parts:
One recorded in Quebec with Claude Dornier on guitars and bass (+ guests: Guy Bélanger, Bernard Gilbert, Guy Mignault, Elie Brogniart); the other recorded in France with Bernard Zuang on guitars and harmonica (+ guests: Jean-Marc Hénaux, Michel Carras, Nadir Babouri, Stringers in the Night, Jean-Louis Mahjun, Christian Décamps).

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