HAUTE TENSION - Traverse Ma Route 14.00 € (#6005)

HAUTE TENSION - Traverse Ma Route
CD 10 tracks (Rock Hard / France - Paris) 2010

01. Elephantaisie 3’28
02. Traverse Ma Route 3’35
03. Old Hero 4’55
04 Casse Ton Ecran 3’41
05. Merci DJ 3’21
06. L’Amante Religieuse 4’49
07. Sous le Soleil des Projecteurs 2’50
08. Les Amants 4’29
09. Laurie 3’57
10. L’Amer 5’46

HAUTE TENSION were formed in the seventies and never changed the prime line-up. Excepted their rhythm section mate who had no option but to leave the band by the 80’s due to his full time involvement in another band called Alpes. No true choice was left and HAUTE TENSION decided to follow its own way with Francis and Yannick…
By this time they start supporting prestigious bands like Cheap Trick, Rory Galagher, Bo Didley and Blue Oyster Cult ...
they also play with the Rocky Horror Show. Beside this, Yannick is involved as a guitarist in the band Bang. For their part, Coco and Baloo do some recording and also play with Alpes.
Additionally, in France, they get involved with backline on Genesis, Yes, Peter Gabriel or Supertramp tours... Bolstered up by this experience Coco takes over the Trianon Hall, builts its reputation up and makes from this place, one of the most popular music rehearsal studio complex in Paris, while continuing his career as a musician and a composer.
By the 2000s all members decide work together and prepare for new release album, a way for them to strengthen their strong longlasting friendship (over thirty years) to serve their musical interests.
The album will take time and patience, and a few years as if their career paths have diverged making sometimes work schedules pretty difficult. They finally make a deal with Trianon Hall, and the studios still echo with the voices of many great artists who have made releases and prepared tours like Scorpions, Aznavour, Cabrel, Les Forbans, Fugain, Goldman, Indochine, Laam, Eddy Mitchell, Obispo, Vanessa Paradis, the Pretenders, Sylvie Vartan, Stevie Wonder, Zazy ... just to name a few!.
HAUTE TENSION is pleased to present his “new born” stuff and wish you to enjoy the material as they did...
This is a Rock CD, Their repertoire can range from Jazz, Hard Rock, to Rock and Pop repertoires, as the result of the band’s eclectic influences, each member being both lyricist and composer… this album features two instrumentals (1 and 9) and 8 other tracks, all made with care to give the overall sound its best potential to meet the international audience and expectations.
This CD is before all the story of a unique friendship which has been lasting for over fourty years, with no change in the line-up, and the wish to leave both their print and style for the best of the music.

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