Mike LECUYER - L'Heure Bleue 13.00 € (#8029)

Mike LECUYER - L'Heure Bleue
CD 13 tracks (French Blues / France - Périgord) 2013

01. Le Ciel Est Bleu (le Vin Est Rouge) 3’37
02. Rock ‘N’ Roll Mojito Party 3’09
03. J’ai Prié pour... 2’39
04. Où Est Passé le Passé ? 3’23
05. Couleurs de l’Âme 2’58
06. Blonde, Brune ou Rousse 2’16
07. Chaque Mois 3’21
08. Elle Danse dans la Brume 2’40
09. Frankenstein Boogie 3’18
10. Je Suis Descendu à la Mer aujourd’hui 3’12
11. Pas l’Temps, pas l’Temps 2’32
12. La Vie Est une Belle P... 4’38
13. Funky Blues 1977 5’06

Born in 1949, he began in the the sixties with high school bands at Lycée Lavoisier (Paris) then created monthly and weekly music revues in the early seventies... Mike Lécuyer then gets signed as an artist with Crypto-RCA (1976-1978) then with Phonogram in 1979 (3 LPs produced by Christian Decamps from the band Ange).
Among the session musicians are Mauro Serri (Bill Deraime's guitar player), Lionel Raynal aka Le Révérend and Bernard Zuang (guitar player, songwriter).
A new curve is taken as he becomes a graphic designer, then a multimedia manager at Hachette-Livre in the 80's and 90's...
But it had been about a decade since Mike re-aquainted with the... mike on a regular basis at shows, as an MC, or in the studio, with artists or with W3 Bluesradio...
So, at the very age when others retire, it was about time to come out of his musical hibernation !
His chance comes in 2008 when the Blues sur Scene festival asks him a new song while Brennus Music proposes to release a compilation of his old recordings. This CD, "19 777 789", is welcome by the blues media which allows him to perform both in France and in Quebec...
Every trip to Montreal has him re-aquainted with one of his old friend musician and the project of a new album in two parts takes shape : one is recorded in Quebec with Claude Dornier on guitar and bass, the other one in France with Bernard Zuang on guitar, bass and harmonica. Some guests also took part in the sessions.
Mike is now preparing his new record, blues in French as usual but with texts heavily influenced by his new life and musicians in Dordogne... and another new CD and tour with Stringers In The Night for blues classic covers (in english and french).

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