PYRO - The Chapter 6 (+ Stab in the Back Revisited)

PYRO - The Chapter 6 (+ Stab in the Back Revisited) Here is the number six! After a peculiar career spanning two decades and a half in the "wonderful world” of music, the Pyro Brothers release their self-titled band sixth record. Along with Emmanuel Taffarelli singing –their lead vocalist since Tomorrow May Never Come-, Nicolas on the drums and Jean-Jacques on bass, they deliver a musical universe carved in Rock. The eleven songs featured on this record -including two instrumental pieces- run one by one at the speed of sound. Guitars combine force, technical skills and finesse, supported by a merciless, tough and vigorous rhythm section. The vocals are played with conviction, a highlight among the mighty arrangements. Finally, an achieved production emphasizes this "Chapter 6” record made for the stage. Are you ready to Rock?
After a seven-year period, PYRO re-releases the album "Stab in the Back”, with new arrangements and re-sung in its entirety. Fully remixed and remastered, this record shows off its musical qualities, for the greatest pleasure of Hard Blues Rock fans. Two bonus-tracks at the end.

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