Bad Pigeons

Bad Pigeons "BAD PIGEONS" A rough and unique sound, the antipodes of the current music formatting! In the line of the post-Nirvana generation. Between a Jack White and a Queens of the Stone Age. From Foo Fighters or Teenacious D to other classics such as Hot Red Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath. Sonorities pointing out French bands such as "Trust" or "Noir desir". BAD PIGEONS gathers a public of all ages.
Without studio ornaments, without effects nor post-production but a well-thought universe based on "Tarantino's" movies, Robert Rodriguez photography and globaly "Road Movie" oriented.
A Power trio of Stoner Hard rock which illustrate in its category with sour and engaged texts, exclusively in French.
"Jick Morgan" plays the bass, Remi, known as "El Niño", plays the drums and "Michée Rose" as the guitar heroe and the singer.
Three colourful characters, removers of the Rock'n'roll with an heavy sound. The 1st album is a real concept album titled "La cavale". A "Road album" conceived, scenarized and written like "Pulp fiction" or "Death proof".
Listen, read, look at and profit… such are BAD PIGEONS. The new sound of the French Rock'n'roll!

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